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Do you want to see the results of your company at a glance? Including but not limited to the performance of your business targets and your teams? With an online dashboard, you can do just that, anytime, anywhere. We are i-spark, data experts. We build custom-style dashboards, according to your wishes and requirements.

We install Klipfolio dashboards, as one of the twenty world-wide operating Klipfolio Certified Partners. In addition to our expertise of Klipfolio, we can also advise you on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We know the exact position of Klipfolio in the greater context of business intelligence.

It is an added value i-spark is proud of and ready to offer. Often, we are the 'go to person' for agencies or companies that do not succeed themselves.

One condition for making a great dashboard is the right configuration of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Got everything setup alright? Great! But if you could use some help, then please let us advise you about the right configurations of your accounts.

Not looking for a dashboard but just want help with your Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager? We've got you covered!

Get in touch with us for a quote.

Save time

No more visits to various sources for results: all in one glance.

A report once a month? Obsolete! Results on-line, live.

New colleague? In a minimum of time they go with the flow.


A dashboard, once installed, will function forever more.

Everybody uses the same source, thus creating consensus within your company.

Need assistance with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager? We're experts!


Save time for the more important things in your life.

One glance is sufficient to assess what is going well and what needs attention.

Correct overview and therefor maximum control of your business.


Hourly rate

i-spark works with various discounts for different companies. Click on the discount you are eligible for and see which rate is right for you. Are you eligible for all discounts? It is a stack discount, so in that case the hourly rate would be: € 120.00 * 20% * 7.5% * 15% = € 75.50 rounded.

Start hourly rate: €120

Flexibility: 20% discount
We work remote. For this flexibility we offer a discount of 20%!

Startups: 7.50% korting
You're a startup younger than 2 year? Then you will receive 7.50% discount.

Charities: 15% discount
Charities and NGOs receive a 15% discount.

Rate after discounts:


A light dashboard is produced between 1 and 3 days, a moderate version 3 to 6 days and a heavy type 6 to 9 days, and sometimes more. Read more about it on our ‘How we work page‘.


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Would you like to know how using dashboards can improve your business? Do you want to know what discount you’re going to get? Do you have a different question or remark? Send us an email at or use the form below. You can also call us at +316 24 68 84 09.