Sometimes, All It Takes Is A Spark To Ignite Powerful Changes

spark your data into action

i-spark your data into action

We enable commercial companies with an online ambition, such as web shops or subscription services, to get a sharper focus by providing new insights.We do this by analyzing, modeling and visualizing existing data, by applying measuring points that do not yet exist in websites or apps and by bringing data from lots of sources together.We have a unique place in this highly specialized field. We connect commerce and technology, we combine established with modern techniques and we link behavioral data from web analytics tools to transaction data in databases. We have done this for dozens of companies and are therefore real experts .

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Your data into action in 4 steps

1. Data inventory and audit

First and foremost we determine which data is available within the organization and the suitability for processing. The data has to be functional in order to achieve your objectives. In the event crucial data is missing, we can assist you to collect it.To Data Strategy

2. Data Collection and Preparation

Often we introduce external data and confront it with existing data within the organization. To get the proper result we produce a model of the data and formulate a variety of business rulesTo Data Preparation

3. Analysis and Predictions

The combined sets of data may very well produce more results than expected, which in itself is the first ‘profit ‘for the organization. However, in many instances we continue and use the data to predict future trends, based on past experiences in general or more individually, predict if a customer is likely to purchase a specific product. But also, which other product clients may contemplate buying. Input, which is valuable for both marketeers and purchasers.To Insights

4. Insights & Data Visualization

The cycle from sterile data to convincing insights is closed when data from various sources, insights and analyses are presented in a simple but effective manner by way of dashboards. Graphics will show at a glance the results, both positive and negative, and opportunities for growth. Management at a glance.To Insights

Our expertises



 Certified Expert 
 Convert your structural collected data into, clear, concise online reports by way of dashboards. Bring teams and management up to date with recent results. Klipfolio is a tool to monitor key metrics. It is a cloud based dashboard platform displaying your KPI’s. The tool compares favorably with competitors by virtue of a low price, extensive possibilities to link with other data sources a large API and easy usability. We are Certified Expert Partner of KlipfolioRead more on Klipfolio

Data Analysis

 We supply ad-hoc analyses as one of our services in the data analyses arena at the request of and in cooperation with many disciplines in the area of e-commerce, for instance the optimization of marketing spending. Additionally, we supply various insights in client and commercial data. We can connect offline and online conversions by way of linking systems, such as client data of CRM systems, web analytics and third party toolsRead more on data analysis

Google Marketing Platform

To collect and measure business and marketing data we use various tools. Besides direct connections to databases we are experts in implementation of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.Our Google certified experts will organize your collection of Web Analytics based on the business KPI's. This will enable you to use this data to make smarter choices.Our specialism within Google Marketing Platform:

Snowplow Analytics

Snowplow provides control over the measurement of behavorial data. You can decide what to measure and where to save this data from sources like Facebook, website, app and many more. Snowplow will collect this data and will process it in your own datawarehouse. We are Implementation Partner of SnowplowRead more on Snowplow 

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