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We are i-spark, founded in Groningen the Netherlands. i-spark is incorporated in 2016 with the aim to assist more enterprises in the Netherlands and abroad to convert their data into information of a low threshold which is directed into action. Hence our promise: i-spark your data into action. i-spark is an enterprise in Groningen, a province in the Netherlands renowned for its no-nonsense attitude. This means that you may expect engagement, transparency and dedication from us.

With appropriate modesty we permit ourselves to be called experts in collecting data from any source imaginable, and in delivering customized dashboards and insights at an extremely affordable price. You may have access to standard solutions by other providers, but i-spark can provide bespoke solutions to your problems. One way or the other we will always find a solution to your data problems, regardless whether it is a strategical, technological or analytical problem.

We love to have an open relationship and a no-nonsense cooperation with our clients. Tackle together. Flexible when necessary. And getting things done. Does this appeal to you? Please contact us without any obligation to discuss the possibilities for your enterprise.

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All of our specialists are ambitious, certified professionals with passion and years of experience in the field of data. Due to the variety of activities at i-spark, we have a lot of knowledge and experience, also in your landscape.

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We deliver tailor made solutions for your organization for a good price. No huge projects with a lead time of months, we deliver in weeks.

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