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Data Strategy

Data strategy: the bridge for management between objectives and data

The production of workable insights from data is important.  The production of KPI’s is equally important. To be able to achieve these objectives there should be a basis: a stable set of combined data. Most companies wonder if investments in this area are sensible. In other words: will investments in data engineering, data analysis and so on contribute towards achieving the company’s goals, ambitions and other objectives. And preferably in such a way that speeds up existing processes, and improves accuracy. That is where data strategy enters the picture. This is the bridge between your ambitions and objectives and the data you can use for that purpose.

i-spark is a specialist in determining how your data can be used to achieve the ambition, strategical pillars and objectives of your company. Which processes, skills and tools you lack to get one hundred percent benefit from your data. We are used to present it in a practical and understandable manner. Going further, we translate the data strategy in a practical plan, a business plan and a time planning. So that you know what you need (and no more than that), what it would cost and yield. The risks involved and how you can control it.

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What is the use of data strategy?

The data strategy we compose with your help and other stakeholders, is aimed at making management understand why and how data can assist to achieve their goals and ambitions. A concrete plan and use cases will substantiate it for them. That it will be clear for your enterprise how the various roles must function to guarantee a faultless process without miscommunication and/or mutual irritation. The scenario will indicate which steps have to be made and the period of time associated with it next to the expected cost and yield.

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Are you looking for a partner that can help you with your Data Strategy? And are you looking for real specialist capable of assisting you? Please contact us to learn more about our approach to the matter and hear more about actual client cases. i-Spark is a transparent one-stop-shop for all issues associated with your data. We take care of your worries totally or – if so desired – share our expertise with your employees. Are you curious what we can do for you? Please contact us!