Data Team as a Service


Are you looking for skilled data experts?

In today’s digital world, data is an important part of business operations. To extract valuable insights from your data, you need a team of experienced Data Analysts, Engineers, and perhaps even Data Scientists. Especially for small businesses and startups, it can be a challenge to find experienced data specialists. Costs also play a role. i-spark has the solution for you. Take advantage of our Data Team as a Service (DTaaS) now.

What is a Data Team as a Service?

We are a data agency and not a secondment agency. With a Data Team as a Service, you have access to our team of experienced data experts. Building an internal team is not (immediately) necessary. DTaaS offers flexibility and scalability because you hire expertise in specific areas as needed.

This solution works. How do we know? Most customers involve us in every new data request. Sometimes they ask us to stick around for a while. That’s fine, so if you need extra data hands for a longer period of time, ask an i-spark employee to join your team for as long and as often as this is necessary for you.

You’re guaranteed to prefer one of our people over a random freelancer. Because behind that one i-spark employee is our entire multidisciplinary data team ready for you. If you need a different expert for a specific question, we can switch quickly and easily. No secondment agency or freelancer can compete with that.

External Data Department

Using i-spark as an external data department? You can, and it’s super handy. That way, you don’t have to have all the expertise in-house and you still get direct support for all your data issues.

Extra benefit: involve us as an external data department and we will make a thoughtful contribution to your long-term vision in the data field.

Do you need temporary reinforcement or do you want to outsource your data department to i-spark? Contact us without obligation.

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Benefits of Data Team as a Service

The main advantage of DTaaS is that you have access to all data disciplines. This includes data analysis, data engineering, machine learning, and data science.

Another plus of DTaaS is the flexibility it offers. You can scale the team up or down at any time based on your needs. This means you don’t have to invest in a permanent data team and save costs.

Finally, data teams often use advanced software and programs to analyze and interpret data. Because our DTaaS has up-to-date knowledge of the common tools, you save on training costs.

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Advantages of Data Team as a Service

This is the expertise we bring you

Accessible geeks, friendly experts. That’s why we’re the one-stop-shop for all your data issues. You always have access to the expertise of our entire team through one of us:

  • Data Architecture and Data Engineering
  • Data Science and Data Analysis
  • Data Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Dashboarding

We actively think with you about the best solution for you. Scaling up or down, broadening or focusing, we know what the right next step is for you. We have experience with all common tools in our field and are not afraid to learn a new one if necessary.

You get all our knowledge and expertise. And you can see that in how you grow. Interested in learning more about our Data Team as a Service? Check out our FAQs page for more information.

FAQ’s about Data Team as a Service