Modular Data Products

Experience the efficiency of tailored data solutions with i-spark’s Modular Data Products. Our expertly crafted, self-contained analyses and tools are designed to swiftly address your specific data challenges. From insightful dashboards to cost optimization checks, we deliver rapid, impactful results.

What to Expect:

1- Precision-Targeted Data Solutions

2- Rapid Implementation, Immediate Impact

3- Expert Insights for Informed Decisions

4- Cost-Efficient, No Need for In-House Setup

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Analytics stack

Combining data from different sources provides insight, but is often a lot of hassle. i-spark takes that burden off you. Using the best tools and platforms, we collect and organize your data, and we make it combine with strategy, analytics and visualization. An efficient, affordable and scalable solution.

Here’s what it delivers

1- Data from different sources in 1 overview

2- Scalable processing of your data

3- Easily add new sources

4- Integrated with BI tools

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Data Team as a Service

Our complete multidisciplinary team at your disposal? That’s possible! Saves you having to set up your own data department and provides you with short and long-term solutions. You get extra capacity as needed and are assured of expertise in every area.

This is what it delivers

1- Constant access to all data disciplines

2- Only the expertise needed at that moment.

3- Always up to date tools and knowledge

4- Cost savings, because no own data department

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