This is the perfect solution for anybody who is frustrated with SAP’s clunky reporting!

- Lee Cockburn, Operations Manager

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ICObath is the leading North American source of designer towel warmers, bathroom accessories, vessel sinks and infloor heating. Because of the inconvenient reporting of SAP, Icobath approached us with the question whether we could provide different insights, especially in the field of sales. For the team members, employees of sales and management a separate dashboard has been built with specific insights that they need. How much has been sold today, this month or this year compared to the targets? How does the sales of specific brands progress over the years or in a specific month? What does the top 20 of our best customers look like this year and compared to last year? In which regions are our products sold the most? What percentage of orders are being delivered on time to our customers this week, compared to the target or this year’s average? By taking a look at the different dashboards they can see at a glance how Icobath is doing today, this week, this month and this year.



Lee Cockburn - Operations Manager at Icobath

i-spark has been amazing to deal with! Always on the ball and ready to help, which meant each part of the project moved quickly. Everybody I had contact with was very organized and knew exactly how to do what we wanted to see on our dashboard. This is the perfect solution for anybody who is frustrated with SAP’s clunky reporting!

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The Goal

The goal was to extract the data from SAP to a easy to use Klipfolio dashboard. Icobath was very frustrated with the clunky reporting from SAP. Our analysts are very experienced in dashboarding but also have years of experience with SAP. So this is a great case for us! The goal was to give insight in the sales, the product performance, the populair regions and the course of the sales from the clients of Icobath.

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We used Data Engineering, Data Analysis and Data Visualisation for the development of the dashboard.

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