Your SAP data in an easy to use Klipfolio dashboard

1 May 2020 | 2 minutes of reading time

Do you use SAP Business One? Is it working for you on an operational level, but do you need to click 20 times before you get to the information you need to run your daily business? Would you like these insights in a light-weight, easy to use dashboard with a collection of graphs and tables of your choice? And would you be interested in having this dashboard up and running in a few weeks, instead of starting a business intelligence project that takes months and needs corporate budgets?

Good news, we’ve got your covered!

We have designed and implemented several dashboards in Klipfolio for clients running SAP Business One, both nationally and internationally. We have plenty of experience in determining the appropriate KPI’s and designing the corresponding dashboards. And we also have knowledge of and over 15 years of experience in the SAP database specifically. We are aware it is huge and complex. Fortunately we are familiar with the tables and relationship between these tables that are the bases of the most common KPI’s, so we are confident we can help you quickly and efficiently.

What might the project look like?

If you know what KPI’s you’d like to report on, that’s great. You could provide us with a list of your requirements and or wireframes and we can give you a quote. If you’re not sure yet, we are happy to set up workshops with you to design the ultimate dashboard for your business.

Then, from a technical point of view, we’d need to connect Klipfolio to the database. The preferred route would be if you have an analysis database of SAP that we can connect to. This might be a copy of the production database that is updated every night. This copy might be stripped from personal identifiable information.
Next step is that we prepare the data by writing SQL queries to join all the necessary tables together. In this step we iterate back and forth until we get the right result to answer 1 or a few business questions. 

The final step is that we use these queries in Klipfolio to create the datasources. Finally, we build the tables and graphs as designed in the design phase.

How long does this take?

It’s a cliche, but it’s true: it strongly depends on the requirements. If your requirements are clear and straightforward and the (anonimized) analyses database is accessible for us, and we have the right input for testing, we sometimes can get your first dashboard up and running in only a few days!

Sounds interesting? Please feel free to contact us to get acquainted and discuss your case.

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