Analytics stack

Combining data from different sources provides insight, but is often a lot of hassle. i-spark takes that burden off you. Using the best tools and platforms, we collect and organize your data, and we make it combine with strategy, analytics and visualization. An efficient, affordable and scalable solution.

You gain insight when you combine your data. Unfortunately, it is often packaged in different systems, making it super inconvenient to combine all the data yourself. Our composable data platforms takes this job off your hands.

Using the best tools and platforms, we collect and organize your data, and make it intelligent through strategy, analysis, and visualization. Discover this efficient, affordable, and easily scalable solution.

Collect, process and make data actionable.

You want to use insights from your commercial data to make the right decisions. Often, this data is stored in the system that generated the information. In this way, the data is often not easily accessible for analysis and visualization.

Usually, it doesn’t end with just one system. You probably have multiple systems, each packaging data in their own way. How do you get everything accessible in one clear overview?

In response to this exact question, we develop cloud-native data platforms. With tailor-made solutions, based on the best-of-breed tools and cloud platforms, we unlock all your data systems, bring the data together, and analyze or visualize it for you.

New or Migration?

We are specialized in both the creation of entirely new analytics stacks and data platforms, as well as the migration of existing analytics stacks or some of their components to other (better, cheaper, easier) data solutions. Migrations range from the migration of a data platform only, leaving the existing reporting tools in place, to migrations of entire analytics stacks to everything in between.


Interested in a new (greenfield) analytics stack and data platform? With i-spark, build a scalable, secure, and customized framework that aligns with your objectives, leveraging the full potential of analytics. Our approach emphasizes innovation and cost-efficiency, guiding you through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies for a durable foundation. Explore our services and start building toward increased business opportunities today.

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Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliable data with i-spark’s expertise in data platform migration. Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or building a new analytics stack, our team ensures a seamless transition. From in-depth analysis to ongoing optimization, we focus on cost-effectiveness and proficiency to maximize your platform’s value. Ready to enhance your data processes? Explore our successful projects and contact us to begin your journey to optimized efficiency and cost savings.

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An efficient data platform

Whether we implement a completely new analytics stack or we migrate one, our data platforms use combinations of data lakes and cloud data warehouses to quickly unlock your data and turn it into useful insights. It is designed to easily integrate new data systems and answer new business questions. This way, you quickly and efficiently get the insights you need.

Together we investigate what you need, where your data is located, how we can best unlock it and how we can make valuable data out of it.

How does it work?

We often encounter closed data sources from various ecosystems, such as:

Web Analytics
eCommerce Platforms (i.e. webshops)
Business Software
Financial Software
Separate files (such as Excel)

We unlock them and provide a solution to bring multiple systems together in one overview. Take advantage of our years of hands-on experience now. Contact us without obligation.

The power lies in the combination

You have to combine the data from these sources yourself. Because that’s where the power lies. Sometimes this can be frustrating because you notice that the data does not completely match. And it can be even more of a headache when you want to add a new system.

Our data platform solutions makes the difference for you. We bundle different services that collect and (de)normalize data from all your different systems. The platform is as big as it need to be, and easily scalable as the complexity of your organization or the data issue increases.

This allows you to use your data safely, manageably, reliably, and scalably and easily keep track of it. This makes this data available for any use and data analysis.

You are probably currently using one of the following combinations of data systems. You extract information from them for your KPIs, to answer business questions, or to base sales and marketing campaigns on.

eCommerce Webshop + Web Analytics
Business software + Financial systems
eCommerce Webshop + ERP

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