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Data Science & Data Analysis

Data Science & Data Analysis

The correct data offers insights for tactical and strategical choices to achieve your goals quicker. Using data science and analysis techniques we give you and your colleagues insights you do not at present have about your clients and business. No longer will it be necessary to take decisions based on intuition, but you will get information based on facts. Perhaps your intuition is confirmed. Perhaps it is not. But in any case, the additional information will enable you to make future decisions based on real information, decreasing the risk of these decisions.

Of course, dashboards are indispensable for these insights. Contrary to these insights that tell you at a glance how certain parts of your organization are developing, data analysis has a far more ad hoc character. You have a business question requiring a profound examination of the data. Or, you want a dashboard on a complex KPI, where the correct definitions must be determined. The data analysis indicates which definition is most suitable for you at that moment. Subsequently we can use this definition in the composition of a dashboard to monitor the development of your KPI. Consider in this regard CLV calculations, attribution models and segmentations.

Data Science enables us to analyse the historical and present data of your organization and use this analysis to develop prediction models for optimization. Our Data Scientist can create prediction models based on a large quantity of data, resulting in valuable prediction for and on behalf of your organization.

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How do we approach the subject?

We will consult with you in order to arrive at the right method to help you. Sometimes it is necessary prior to a data science or analysis project to initiate Engineering. Data assessment often is a good starting point.

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Are you looking for a partner that can help you with your Data Science and Data Analysis? And are you looking for real specialist capable of assisting you? Please contact us to learn more about our approach to the matter and hear more about actual client cases. i-Spark is a transparent one-stop-shop for all issues associated with your data. We take care of your worries totally or – if so desired – share our expertise with your employees. Are you curious what we can do for you? Please contact us!