Looker is a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics platform that allows you to easily analyze, visualize and share data within your organization. It is a self-service Business Intelligence solution in which Data Analysts can prepare large amounts of data that can then be dragged together by end users to get the best insights.

Looker’s mission is to get everyone within organization curious and enthusiastic, to look further and to keep asking questions. More than 2,000 leading and innovative companies such as Sony, Amazon and IBM rely on Looker to give their employees visibility into their data.


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- Scalable - AI-driven - Dynamic and real-time interactive - Affordable - Makes your data actionable

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Single Source of Truth

i-spark, as a Full Service Data Agency, is highly experienced in implementing Looker. With Looker’s data platform, you create a single source of truth, ensuring that the appropriate roles within your organization have access to uniform data. This, in turn, allows for better decision-making with reduced risk.

Why Looker?

In Looker, Data Analysts, often in collaboration with Data Engineers, create a regulated data layer that connects to every (cloud) database, including Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and SQL Server. Within this data layer, you can easily modify and standardize definitions, such as using the same currency or time zone everywhere. This creates a single source of truth. When everyone is looking at the same numbers and the same truth, there will be more consensus, and everyone will have the right information to make better decisions.

Looker is part of the Google Cloud Platform family, but certainly not exclusive(!). You can read more about this multi- or hybrid cloud approach on their website.

What can I do with Looker?

With Looker, there are numerous use cases to address, such as:

  • eCommerce: Create a 360-degree view of customers by combining various data sources.
  • Sports & Leisure: Obtain a complete view of your fans by combining data from ticket and merchandise sales.
  • Marketing: Increase ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) by optimizing based on segment data from Looker.
  • Professional Services: Gain accurate insights into the billability of consultants across various projects.

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Looker Consultants

i-spark has several years of experience with Looker across multiple clients. We confidently assert our proficiency in Looker. Our team of Data Analysts and Engineers assists companies and Digital Agencies worldwide in implementing custom Looker dashboards. So, if you want to ignite curiosity and enthusiasm within your organization to work with data using Looker, or if you want to encourage further exploration and questioning, we're here to help. Already using Looker but facing challenges or uncertainties? Feel free to reach out to us for assistance!

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