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As a company you can offer such a good service or product, but when your customers can’t find you, the results can be very disappointing. Especially for an eCommerce business a good marketing strategy is very important. How, after all, will a customer find your webshop? A supermarket can often be found on a map, but a webshop is not something you just run in to. To lead the potential customer to your webshop, there are many useful tools you can use.

Marketing is a broad definition and there are many, many tools. However, we can’t list all of them so for argument sake we have categorized the cans we often encounter into:

  • Social Media:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube
  • Advertising:
    • Google Ads
    • Bing Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • AdForm
  • Email:
    • Mailchimp
    • Braze

Challenges combining data

However, once you start taking advantage of data from these tools multiple questions can arise. How many people see my posts? Do people interact with my email or do they completely skip it? Have many people clicked on the link I provided in the ad? Luckily every platform provides its (business) users with an API which can be used to retrieve the underlying data of your account. The problem is that there are many platforms that you can use, and every platform has its own API, with its own possibilities and its own limitations. Marketing tools such as Google Ads and Bing generally have the most extensive API’s, as well as Facebook for the social media platforms. However, these are continuously updated and changed.

Gaining insights from your Marketing data

If you use multiple platforms, and maybe even have multiple brands, monitoring the performance of all those channels across different platforms can become very time consuming. At i-spark we have a lot of experience in digging through the extensive API references of different social media platforms and marketing solutions and bringing them together in a SmartDataPack. Here we normalize the data from all these solutions and provide one overview of your Marketing activities. You can see an example of how we visualize such data here.

By creating a centralized place for your data it saves a lot of time looking up all of your metrics, and it becomes easy to compare the performance across social media platforms. If you want to improve the usage of your social media and marketing channels, we highly recommend bringing them all together.


  • Accurate ROAS
    When combining eCommerce, Web Analytics and Marketing data, you can calculate more accurate Return of Ad Spent (ROAS) numbers based on (historic) conversions of customers from eCommerce and Web Analytics and costs or segment insights from Marketing.


Are you interested in what data we can extract from the tools that you are using? Or how we can create a centralized report for you? Feel free to contact us!

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