100 days at i-spark, by Soknita Leng

2 November 2023 | 2 minutes of reading time


Most of you probably won’t know me yet. So allow me to introduce myself briefly. My name is Soknita Leng, I am 25 years old, and I work as a Jr, Data Analyst at i-spark. It has been a hundred days since I joined the team, time really flies! To commemorate this ‘milestone’, I would like to share with you my experiences over the past few months.

The Initial Weeks

Beyond my affinity for numbers, I’m also someone who values intuition. From the moment I stepped into i-spark for my interview, everything just felt right. The welcoming ambiance, the cosy office setting, and the serene surroundings—all played a part in drawing me in. Moreover, the array of tools and engaging projects immediately captured my interest. It was perfect that everything I had hoped for was just a 30-minute drive from home. From there, things progressed swiftly. The following Monday marked my first day on the job. I couldn’t help but admire the flexibility and efficiency with which tasks were handled.

Those initial weeks were all about settling in and getting to know everyone. I had to get used to new tools, online workspaces, and my first-ever MacBook. I also got to meet all my colleagues and was introduced to a few clients. Everyone was (is) super nice and helpful. Despite it being a quieter period. Still, I noticed little of that and felt that I was well taken care of. The atmosphere in the office is really laid-back and informal. So the feeling I had at the beginning did not let me down.

The work and the clients

Working with the clients and being on the projects has been a blast. I’ve had the opportunity to accompany two client visits. The first one got off to a bit of a rocky start when I ended up at the wrong carpool spot in the morning. However, the remainder of the day proceeded smoothly, and the client left satisfied. We even concluded the day with my inaugural company dinner—at McDonald’s!

One aspect of this job that I truly value is the flexibility it offers. We have the autonomy to set our own schedules, which is great, although it comes with a significant level of responsibility. Additionally, the majority of our work is conducted remotely. Personally, I dedicate approximately 3 to 4 days per week to working from home Upon joining, I was promptly equipped with a second screen and a dedicated desk for my home office, greatly enhancing my comfort and productivity while working remotely.

Another aspect I appreciate about working at i-spark is the opportunity to work with multiple clients. This provides a unique insight into various companies, allowing me to observe firsthand how they have structured their data infrastructure and related processes. Additionally, the diversity of clients spanning different industries adds variety to my tasks and the ways in which I engage with data.

Looking back

Reflecting on my journey over the past few months, I’ve experienced significant personal and technical growth. I now have a deeper understanding of how organisations utilise data and the underlying processes involved. Moreover, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of teamwork in achieving successful outcomes. Interacting with clients and colleagues has been a valuable learning experience, as I encounter new challenges daily and strive to maintain a balanced schedule between different clients. I’m eager to continue learning and contributing to i-spark for the foreseeable future.

Soknita Leng,

Data Analyst at i-spark