Looker is BI software, a big data analytics platform which helps to explore, analyze, and share real-time business analytics. Looker is a platform which allows you to analyze and visualize your data. It is as Tamara calls it “A fool proof self-service BI tool”. Analysts can prepare vast amounts of data, which end users can subsequently arrange based on their own needs. 

What is looker?

Looker is a uniform, modern data platform which offers suitable business insights to all employees who need data for their decision making. Looker integrates information into the daily workflows of users, such that organizations can extract value from data on web-scale.  More than 1600 leading companies and innovative companies such as Sony, Amazon, and IBM trust Looker to augment their data driven cultures.

What is a data platform?

A data platform enables an entire organization to gain insight into their data and use this for analysis.
On High level Looker offers data-analysis and business insights to every department of the firm.
Looker can easily be integrated in applications such that it can directly offer input into the decision making process.

i-spark is one of the few implementation partners of Looker in the Netherlands

It is Looker her mission to get everyone in the organization curious and enthusiastic. To look beyond existing problems and to keep asking questions. When everyone looks at the same numbers and the same truths, more consensus will develop, and everyone will have access to the right information to make the right decision. 

Nowadays, Looker is part of the Google Cloud Family, you can read more about this on their website. Looker states: “Looker’s mission is to empower people through the smarter use of data. Together with Google Cloud, we look forward to continuing to serve our customers with powerful data experiences and award-winning support – no matter where their data sits.”