Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager makes it straightforward to work with tags for yourself. It does this even without you having to use your web builder, their developers or having to wait on the release. The technicals skills are left behind just like the high bills. With Google Tag Manager you can now simply implement, manage, and maintain your own tags. In this way, you can quickly anticipate on new developments or trends!

Google Tag Manager

Centralized Control, Efficient Tag Customization


- Tag Implementation - Centralized Control - Version Control - Real-time Testing - Integration with Services

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Custom-made Google Tag Manager

i-spark has the expertise to implement Google Tag Manager for your organization. You can completely hand over your troubles, but we can also help your team get up-to-speed so that you can work with Tag management yourself. The user-friendly interface is easy to work with, and the implementation we could either do for you, or assist you in.

The benefits of Tag Manager

  1. Marketeers can quicker and more easily put out campaigns that generate more revenue. 
  2. The performance of your website will increase significantly (no scripts will have to be loaded).
  3. Less costs and hours for the IT department, offering up more time for other developments.
  4. Security is guaranteed. i-spark implements Google Tag Manager according to the GDPR.

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Setting Up Google Tag Manager Professionally

Are you looking for a team that can assist you in setting up your Google Tag Manager? Are you in need of genuine specialists who can truly help you move forward? Contact us! i-spark is a transparent one-stop-shop for tag management systems.