Snowplow gives you the control over the data collection in your organization. You can decide what you want to measure, and store. For example, data from your own systems, Facebook, your website or apps, and much more. Snowplow collects the data and processes it into your own Snowplow data-warehouse. In this way you will have the right data ready, is it possible to carry out analysis, and possibly connect an analytical tool of your choice. The data is stored in real-time so that you can immediately anticipate on it. i-spark will gladly advice and/or support the implementation of Snowplow Analytics, fitted towards the goals of your organization. 

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Custom tailored Google Snowplow

i-spark is the only implementation partner of Snowplow in the Netherlands. It is good to know that Snowplow is not a SaaS-product. Every user of Snowplow Insights has its own data pipeline in their own AWS (Amazon Web Services) account. This gives you the freedom to define what you want to measure, in what kind of data-structure the data should be stored, and how you want to process the data.

Snowplow truly is custom tailored work, aimed at the desires of your organization. Are you looking for a partner who can help you set up a Snowplow Analytics account? And are you looking for real specialist who can offer you actual help? Feel free to contact us! i-spark is a transparent one-stop-shop for all your questions regarding data. 

Ook jouw data into action brengen?

Wij zorgen dat jij je bedrijfsdoelen behaalt. We werken voornamelijk met online of e-commerce data en zo af en toe met data van andere type klanten.

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