Snowplow gives you the control over the data collection in your organization. You can decide what you want to measure, and store. For example, data from your own systems, Facebook, your website or apps, and much more. Snowplow collects the data and processes it into your own Snowplow data-warehouse. In this way you will have the right data ready, is it possible to carry out analysis, and possibly connect an analytical tool of your choice. The data is stored in real-time so that you can immediately anticipate on it. i-spark will gladly advice and/or support the implementation of Snowplow Analytics, fitted towards the goals of your organization. 

Snowplow Analytics

Precision Analysis


- Event Logging - Customizable Data Schema - Data Quality and Management - Real-time Data Processing - Data Enrichment

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Snowplow Analytics versus Google Analytics

Both Snowplow and Google Analytics collect information about website visitors or app users. However, Snowplow has several significant advantages over Google Analytics when it comes to data ownership, detail, and processing:

1. Snowplow is a first-party solution and is not affected by restrictions on third-party cookies (e.g., ITP).
2. Snowplow Analytics is a product from Europe and falls under European privacy law (GDPR/AVG).
3. Both the Snowplow pipeline and the collected data are and remain your property, stored in your own database.
4. Data from Snowplow is uncensored and not cast into standard reports.
5. The data is fine-grained and rich in details about the user and their behavior.
6. Data is processed and made available in real-time, from websites to apps.

360° Customer View

With Snowplow, you gain insight into the 360° view of each customer across web, mobile, email, and other channels. The highly detailed data enables you to create a unified view, the Single Customer View, of each user, which can be used as the Single Source of Truth in personalizing web and email experiences, as well as optimizing your ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

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Customized Snowplow Solutions by i-spark

i-spark is the sole implementation partner of Snowplow in the Netherlands. It's important to note that Snowplow is not a SaaS product: every customer of Snowplow Insights has their own data pipeline in their own AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account. This gives you the freedom to define what you want to measure, how the storage should be structured, and how you want to process it. Snowplow is truly tailored to your organization's needs. Are you looking for a team that can assist you in setting up your Snowplow Analytics pipeline? Are you seeking genuine specialists who can truly help you move forward? Contact us!

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