Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a reporting platform through which you can measure sales and conversion rates, gain insights in how visitors use your website, how they get there, and how you can make sure that they return! Would you like to gain better insights in the results of your website and your digital marketing channels? A solid Google Analytics environment can help with this. i-spark consults and/or readily supports the implementation of Google Analytics, tailored towards the goals of your organization.

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Custom-made Google Analytics

With a good setup for your Google Analytics account you can take big steps. Moreover, you are relieved of all burdens by letting Google Analytics do the hard work. i-spark takes care of building a solid foundation by providing the right Google Analytics setup and optionally the ability for good measurements by Google Tag Manager. We will finetune the tools and environment completely, fitted for your organization.

Our Approach

We will arrange Google Analytics completely catered towards the wishes of your organization, such that the environment is set up and you can start managing. This can range from a standard set up with conversion goals, eCommerce module, event tracking, advice on utm-tagging, possibly a Tag Manager implementation, etc. However, we can also offer counsel and support on the more complex topics such as cross-domain tracking, custom dimensions/metrics, (enhanced) eCommerce or the implementation of cross-platform analytics (integrating data in Google Analytics which comes from different sources).

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Ook jouw data into action brengen?

Wij zorgen dat jij je bedrijfsdoelen behaalt. We werken voornamelijk met online of e-commerce data en zo af en toe met data van andere type klanten.

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