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Financial Software

The financial systems are often the first systems a company uses from the start. What they contain is often extensively audited, both internally and externally by the auditors. These systems are therefore often the ‘truth’ within a company. Next to these systems you also got platforms who handle transactions, Payment Service Providers (PSP). Amongst our Dutch customers we identify tools such as:

  • Exact (Online)
  • Twinfield
  • Adyen
  • Stripe
  • Mollie

You often see a clear separation between financial and commercial data. The target group that consumes this data often differs, as do the wishes and demands made on the data, and the definitions can also be very different.

Financial Software and its data challenges

Take, for example, a new mobile subscription. From a financial perspective, you are usually interested in the period in which the subscription is active, which will be between start and end date. However, the marketing department will be more interested in the moment the contract is concluded. Did it come as a result of a certain campaign? Is there a seasonal pattern? What does that mean for future campaigns, when is the best time to start them and can the last campaign be repeated?

Certainly with our clients in the SME sector it appears that, despite these differences, there is often a desire to unlock the data from the financial systems and to integrate this data with the other available data.

Exact – a Dutch company – now has about half a million customers on their accounting, ERP and CRM software. Traditionally on premise software, there is now a very large number that uses Exact Online.

Exact Online has an API, but, there is a catch. In order to be able to use this API to access data, it is necessary that the tool that accesses this data has been approved by Exact itself. A process that can be quite time consuming.

The tools that went through this process usually offer a certain type of functionality. The unlocking is therefore specifically aimed at this functionality. We are particularly interested in a generic and flexible way of unlocking data in order to be able to use it for analyses and in dashboards.

Solution by i-spark

We have created a solution for this in cooperation with our technology partner Dataddo. Dataddo has gone through the approval process and Dataddo is fully focused on the disclosure and integration of data. In short: via Dataddo we unlock the data needed for you and your dashboards and send it to the database where your other data is also available. So we can combine your financial data and other data for you.


Are you interested in what data we can extract from the tools that you are using? Or how we can create a centralized report for you? Feel free to contact us!

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