Monitoring your data in a dashboard allows you to anticipate quickly. Is there a specific project that requires extra attention? Respond immediately. Or, would you rather have a smile on your face while watching the projects or elements that are flourishing. Proactively modify your klips to increase the benefits for your business. It is i-spark’s priority to help firms base their decisions on data.

We believe that, in many cases, the tool Klipfolio is very well suited for this. Klipfolio is a tool which helps you monitor key metrics. It is a cloud-based dashboarding platform through which you can clearly display your KPI’s. Klipfolio differentiates from its competitors by maintaining a low price, offering a large set of connected data sources, an extensive API, and by its ease of use.

i-spark advices and/or readily supports the implementation of Klipfolio, fitted towards the goals of your organization.

Klipfolio Certified Experts

I-spark is one of the few Certified Experts of Klipfolio in the Netherlands. Due to this, we dare to say that we control Klipfolio at a very high level. We support many firms around the world, but also agency’s with creating Klipfolio dashboards. To make a set of pre-defined visualizations in Klipfolio is very easy. However, for custom work there is a steep learning curve. Would you like us to make a Klipfolio dashboard? Or are you running in to a problem and would you like to receive help? Feel free to contact us.

Pricing Klipfolio

Concerning recurring costs, you will only have to pay for the Klipfolio subscription. For the actual prices you can visit www.klipfolio.com/pricing. For our services you are not paying any recurring costs. We do not appreciate so called ‘vendor lock-ins’. Because of this we assess our trajectories in advance and from the moment of delivery, you get to work with the dashboards. Do you want to continue developing yourself? No problem. We even encourage this: You are at all times in full control of your own dashboards. Adding your own sources later on: no problem. Go ahead. If we can help by giving a training, we are glad to do so. Sometimes we only offer support with very specific questions, and that’s all right too.

Your data into action!

At i-spark, we do everything we can to get your data in order, so you can get the most out of it. We combine the expertise of a large company with the flexibility of a small company. You have direct contact with the person who answers your question quickly and thoroughly.

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