Easy access to data has never been more crucial across industries. We help clients to build and accelerate their digital business. Learn more about how our team of data scientists, data engineers and data analysts work hand-in-hand with organisations in these industries to create a fit for purpose, custom made and yet affordable SmartDataPack.

We focus on the following industries, each with their own unique characteristics.


eCommerce is all about customers and their journey. Accurate insights in how your customers are acquired, how they orientate and convert on your product are crucial for being a successful online player. At i-spark we understand better than anyone how this works having 15+ years of experience in this field.
Using data provided by our SmartDataPack enables eCommerce businesses to create more convenient, efficient and personalised shopping experiences across all their channels than ever before.

Travel, Leisure and Hospitality

Businesses operating in the Travel, Leisure and Hospitality sector have one goal in common, they all strive for the ultimate customer experience for their guests.
To achieve this, comprehensive insights from the data of your customers is important. It can help to spot problems in the customer experience faster and turn them into opportunities for future guests. In addition, these insights offer a major contribution to the acquisition of new retention of existing customers. Our custom built SmartDataPack contains this data and can be used to create these insights into your guests.

Professional Services

The outsourcing and hiring of personnel (or staffing) is central to the professional services industry. And for such companies it is important to have a good insight into the invoicing, billable hours and deployment of consultants/employees at their customers. At i-spark we’ve built solutions for several PS organisations to gain these insights from the data coming from their systems.

Sport & Entertainment

Where sports organisations focus on developing the sporting aspirations of their members or club, you can say that entertainment organisations focus on providing a moment of ease. But they all do have in common that they are extremely focused on creating the optimal experience and well-being for their (loyal) fans.
A better understanding of who your fans are and how they interact with your sports or entertainment organisation enables you to create even more loyal fans. It unlocks possibilities to interact more directly with your fans and keep them motivated. Combining fan data from various sources such as ticketing, merchandise, subscriptions and marketing in our SmartDataPack we will provide you with the knowledge you need to create more loyal fans.

Publishers & Media

The business model of publishers and media involves content creation for their subscribers. For these companies it is valuable to have extensive knowledge of how their subscribers interact with the content. And how consumers of the content engage with advertisers content. Collecting data about subscribers and their content consumption in a SmartDataPack makes it possible to optimise content delivery and revenue from advertising.

Digital Agencies

Optimising. It is a vital part of the day-to-day work of Digital Agencies. Optimising content, advertising, conversions, find-ability in search engines, brand awareness, revenue and costs for their B2B customers. To do this, a good foundation is needed: One based on reliable data. The data for this foundation often resides in all kinds of online marketing solutions and it happens more than once that marketers spend hours analysing and collating data in Spreadsheets and dashboards. But even then there is still room for individual interpretation of insights from the data. With a SmartDataPack we can create a single source of truth from all the marketing solutions which is reliable and unbiased. And we can even combine it with data from other solutions like eCommerce platforms, CRM and ERP systems for a better understanding of the marketing data.

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