We assist companies with a variety of issues in the world of data. It is very important that these connect seamlessly with the objectives of the company.

Data Strategy

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Possibly your company is already acquainted with the world of data, has a Data Strategy and perfectly linked KPI’s. Excellent! However, if not and you wonder what you can do with the data you have collected you have come to the right place.

We assist enterprises with a variety of issues in the data area. It is very important that these issues connect seamlessly with the objectives of the company. It's crucial to know on which data you want to rely.

“With an outstanding Data Strategy you can improve processes in the long term. By providing access to accurate and relevant data we enable insights driven decision making and better performance. This will lead to more consensus, more profitability and better results from your campaigns”

— Jeroen

How does it work?

We assist you to determine your data strategy by asking the relevant questions in doing so arriving at the correct KPI’s

  • Data Strategy - Seamlessly linking your data needs to your company objectives.
  • KPI Discovery - what are your Key Performance Indicators?
  • Data inventory - Finding which data you already possess
  • Implementing Web Analytics - making sure that the KPI’s are being measured

In the event you do not have a data strategy we advise you to go through the phases on a step by step basis, so that you can really grow. Is your organization already well advanced in the initial stages and are you interested in one of the other steps of course you are welcome to discuss individual steps with us.

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Are you looking for a partner to assist with data strategy, and are you looking for real specialists who can actually help you further ? Contact us ! I-Spark is a transparent one-stop-shop to take care of all data issues. We eliminate your worries or share our expertise with your employees.

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