I can recommend i-spark because of their expertise and the extremely pleasant cooperation.

- Hans Krol, KAW Architects and Advisors

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Hans Krol, Advisor Quality with KAW Architects and Advisors tried to implement a dashboard himself but encountered problems within too long. Hans said: I prepared the design of the desired dashboard and I tried to unlock the data of Simplicate through the API. Very quickly I quickly ran into the so-called limit of 100. Besides the dashboard appeared to look very easy but to visualize the data complicated calculations were necessary, for instance to divide the sales forecast per month and the same applied to forecasts of projects on the basis of recalculation. It appeared that in spite of the user-friendly tools for dashboard quite a bit of programming work was necessary. Therefore I approached I-Spark and I tackled the problem together with them.

For our financial forecasts the history is very important but there are no facilities to do so in Simplicate. Therefore we chose a method to save a set of all required data from Simplicate in our own database on a daily basis. And with Klipfolio the data is visualized. The data is unlocked with queries that I cannot write but i-spark could do so.


in rentability and turnover

Hans Krol – Advisor Quality with KAW Architects and Advisors

Without the help of i-spark we would not have realized the dashboard. I especially appreciated their hands-on mentality and the ability to exchange ideas with us. Also, their experience with data, resulting in looking beyond building a dashboard and the coercion to make it as robust as possible.

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Is your enterprise active in the B2B service industry?

Do you work for a fixed price and/or directing or recalculation, or subscriptions? Do you need more insight into the profitability of these projects and the staff members?  Do you use software for the working hour administration?

An accountant assists with the bookkeeping and a business expert with the business processes. Likewise, i-spark can assist you with unlocking value information. We can visualize this in a dashboard to give you more insight in the rentability and turnover. Not so much from a bookkeeping perspective, but more aimed at the business operations.

The purpose

The purpose of the order was the institution of a data architecture, with as result that the correct data was visualize. For KAW knowing the historical forecasts in a dashboard is of the utmost importance, therefore nowadays historical data is saved in a database and retrieved with the correct queries and shown in Klipfolio.


For the development of dashboards for KAW we engaged Data Analysis, Data Engineering and Data Visualization.

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