The personal attention, speed, professionalism and involvement with this project to achieve the best possible result was tremendous. i-spark lives up to its name!

- Sijbe Bonsma, Moodindicator

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Moodindicator: the extra HR employee who is always ready

Staff is the most valuable capital of an organization, but not every organization prioritizes its staff. Symptoms such as burn-out, high (mental) absenteeism and unwanted attrition unfortunately occur far too often, says Moodindicator. Enterprises lose a lot of money because of it. Moodindicator aims to help enterprises to reduce these costs by applying various tools. Measure the happiness of staff within your organization, how satisfied are your employees or both. Also, a survey research is offered. For this purpose i-spark developed a special dashboard.



SIjbe Bonsma - Owner Moodindicator

i-spark has developed and installed various dashboards for the tools of Moodindicator. Enterprises find it very easy to the see the results of the mood indicators real-time and they can anticipate signals from the organization. Thanks to dashboards organizations can get started themselves with the subjects that have the most impact for their teams and organization.

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The Target

The target of this order was to develop a clear dashboard showing the results of Moodindicator real-time in an insightful manner. Before the dashboard solution, an employee of Moodindicator had to collect the data, interpret the same and manually draw various graphs in order to report to the client. Of course, a lot of time was involved and it was less accurate because of the manual disclosure of data. With the dashboards we saved Moodindicator a lot of time and made their clients very happy with real-time insights instead of insights in the results after a number of weeks.


We used Data Analysis, Data Engineering and Data Visualization for the development of dashboards made for Moodindicator.

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