OrangeValley and i-spark enter into strategic collaboration to strengthen data services

3 February 2023 | 2 minutes of reading time

Press Release – Tuesday 31 January 2023

Data is becoming increasingly important to gain strategic advantage in optimizing marketing activities. A good marketing and business strategy starts with a solid foundation based on data. In OrangeValley’s search for improving its data-driven approach, the expertise of i-spark increasingly came into view. The joint ambition of OrangeValley and i-spark is to collect data more intelligently from operational and marketing processes and to extract insights from it to improve performance.

The collaboration between the parties started approximately 1 year ago at an operational level. This relationship began by having the data experts from OrangeValley and i-spark work together substantively with (international) clients in e-commerce, publishing, leisure, and business services. From this substantive connection, new products and services have been developed in the areas of Data Engineering, Data Analysis, Data Science, Data Strategy, and Data Visualization.

The strategic collaboration involves jointly developing innovative and advanced data services, where there is intensive and mutual commitment to work together. The effect of the strategic collaboration is already noticeable among several clients of both i-spark and OrangeValley. Additionally, this collaboration makes it possible for the OrangeValley Academy to offer an extensive data training program at the beginning of 2023.

Ortwin Verreck, Managing CEO OrangeValley Group: “In a business or marketing strategy, data serves as an essential component. As an organization, we have always been a forerunner in data-driven digital marketing strategies, but we also realized that we wanted to facilitate better integration of operational data within an organization. We wanted to increase our knowledge in the area of data, such as data warehouses and data science. Our dashboard and predictive models are already ‘state-of-the-art’, but the bar can and must be set even higher. Through collaboration with i-spark, we increase our capability in data engineering, data visualization, data science, and especially in the area of business analysis.”

Tamara de Heij, Director i-spark: “i-spark has been active as a Data Agency for years. We are experts in connecting data sources and know how to use them to extract useful insights. Our team consists of skilled, highly educated data specialists in various data disciplines such as data architecture, data engineering, machine learning, and dashboarding. In the collaboration with OrangeValley, we recognize a culture in which we want to bring out the best in each other. In addition, we also identify with the substantive drive and passion for the profession. The strategic collaboration with OrangeValley gives us the opportunity to apply our expertise to many more clients, in addition, we find OrangeValley’s focus on marketing strategy a valuable addition.”