Efficient Data-Driven Work with Klipfolio

19 October 2023 | 2 minutes of reading time


Are you steering your business more and more towards data, or do you have the ambition to do so? With Klipfolio you create your own smart and centralized overview of collected data from various sources with which you can gain super-fast and easy insight into the ins and outs of your business. Even if data-driven work is relatively new to you and your company, this is a great tool to start with. It is easy to personalize and inexpensive. Have you been using Klipfolio for a while and want to get more out of your data? No problem! We are happy to help you. With Klipfolio and a little support from us, data-driven work becomes even more efficient and fun and for everyone. Even for less technical users.


Get all your most important data easily and quickly in one Klipfolio dashboard.

Convenience through preset dashboards

Klipfolio is widely used by start-ups, for example in the e-commerce industry or by SMEs that are just starting to work in a data-driven way. An important reason for choosing Klipfolio is that preset dashboards are ready for the most commonly used data sources. For example, for sources such as Google Analytics, social media channels and SEO tools. It is therefore a piece of cake to set up your dashboard from these tools. Another plus of Klipfolio is that the cost for a dashboard tool with so many features is relatively low. Check out the prices of the different packages here.

Need an advanced dashboard?

But what if you want to see your dashboard just a little differently, with data from other sources, for example? Then a lot is still possible. Our engineers are happy to create your desired links to all the tools and software you enjoy working with. For example, are you using SAP Business One in your company? We’ll have this taken care of in no time, which will save you a lot of time, frustration and ultimately cost. We previously wrote a blog about specific Klipfolio solutions, but of course, we can apply this to almost all types of tools and software.


For example, your Klipfolio dashboard might look like this.

Dashboards for your own clients?

In addition to startups and SMEs that often work with Klipfolio, we also help companies that want to offer their customers a dashboard with Klipfolio. In fact, through an Agency account, they can offer each client a dashboard with all relevant information. Customers can access their personalized dashboard with their own login. Very functional if you provide digital services, for example.

Ready for takeoff?

Of course you want to know more about the possibilities of Klipfolio or how we can make your dashboard next-level.
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